Hello world!


Pastel Sugar Hatching

 “Hello World” is the generic sample post every WordPress Blog is started with.   Someone added the caption “hello world” under this photo I posted to Facebook today so I deemed it appropriate for me to leave that as the title to my first blog post ever.  I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and had connected one to MikeWilbanks.com this weekend not knowing if I would get to it this weekend or six months from now.  I took the caption on the photo as a sign to go ahead and start now.  So here it is.  I am calling this a manifesto because I plan for this to be where I will compile much of my beliefs as an almost 20 year reptile breeder.  I have clawed my way to semi relevance in one of the most competitive businesses that I know of.  During that time, I have made a lot of friends, hatched a lot of snakes, seen a lot of the world and gained a fair amount of experience along the way.  I am going to share that in this blog.   I will try to make it interesting, informative and entertaining.  So, there it is my first blog post ever.  Hello World!

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